I love my job and want to provide you with the best possible photographs of your day. 

So, how do I like to work? First and foremost, I think that it’s my job as your photographer to give you full and comprehensive cover of your day rather than putting myself in a box, style wise.

I’d like to get to you know you, so that I can tell your story – Don’t worry about feeling nervous about posing for photos – that’s normal! It’s my job to make sure that you feel super comfortable and relaxed.

For the most park I aim to provide you with a documentary based illustration of your day that captures the moments, as they really happened. While telling the story of your day I really try and be as unobtrusive as possible, and will try and blend in with your guests. I really don’t want you to feel like you’re being photographed in an overly formal or awkward way. 

Whilst the majority of the day is undoubtedly documentary based, I think that there’s room for just a little creative direction when it’s time for the shots of the two of you together. We can have some fun with these, or keep it relaxed. Whatever is right for you.

So much care and planning goes into your day, I love to preserve the details from the dress, to the shoes, to the cake with some styled still life photography. 

I don’t shy away from formal, family group shots as I recognise their importance for you and your family although I do try and these to a small number as they can take up a large amount of time on the day. Of course, I do also aim to provide you with some lovely relaxed images of you with your family and friends throughout the day.

For the most part I love to use natural and ambient light. Not only does it make for super pretty pictures but I think that it’s great to remember the light as it was on that moment of your day. That being said, you do have to roll with the weather from time to time and I won’t shy away from some subtle photographic lighting if the moment calls for it.